How Can I Find The Purrfect Cat Sitter Near Me?

How Can I Find The Purrfect Cat Sitter Near Me?

As caring cat parents, we understand the importance of ensuring our feline companions are well-cared for, especially when we're away! Finding a reliable cat sitter is crucial for giving you peace of mind and keeping your cat happy and healthy.

Below is a list of the most common questions cat parents have asked us as of May 2023.

Do I need to hire a cat sitter?

When it comes to leaving your beloved cat in someone else’s care, hiring a cat sitter offers numerous benefits:

  1. Hiring a cat sitter will give you peace of mind during your Travels or Vacations. Asking friends and family to watch after your kitty is a potential solution, but booking a cat sitter will allow you to receive daily updates, pictures and make sure your someone spends a specific amount of time every day with your cat.
  2. A cat sitter will be able to assist if your cat needs some medication or to go to the vet.
  3. Cats are creatures of habit and thrive in familiar surroundings. By hiring a cat sitter, you allow your furry friend to stay in the comfort of their home environment, reducing stress and anxiety.

The good news is that Meowtel operates nationwide to help you find a local and professional cat sitter. The cat sitters on Meowtel understand the unique needs of cats, ensuring their well-being and happiness while you're away.

How often should my sitter visit my cat?

The frequency of cat sitter visits depends on your cat's individual needs and habits. Meowtel's cat sitters offer flexible visit options, allowing them to tailor their services to your cat's specific requirements. Whether your cat thrives on multiple visits per day or prefers less frequent check-ins, Meowtel cat sitters can accommodate your preferences, providing the right level of care and attention.

These can be drop-in visits (i.e. the cat sitting will take place in your home) or overnight visits (i.e. the cat sitter will stay in your home). Drop-in visits usually last between 20 minutes and 60 minutes, depending on how much attention your kitty needs. Some cats are very playful and might enjoy longer visits, some other cats have medication needs, etc.

Our recommendation would be to schedule a minimum of one daily visit of 20 minutes for your kitty. If you have multiple cats, or they enjoy having company, a 45-60 minute visit or an overnight visit might be more appropriate.

Can I leave my cat alone for 3 days? 5 days? A week?

Leaving your cat alone for an extended period, such as 3 days or longer, can definitely be a cause for concern. Cats easily get lonely and most of them truly enjoy having a daily presence, even briefly.

Whenever you are leaving your home, you should always ensure that you provide enough food, water, and a clean litter box for your cat. Some cats may be fine for short periods of one to two days alone, but many will get lonely during even a short period. Keep in mind that we have received reports in the past of water fountains malfunctioning, automated cat dry food dispensers becoming jammed, and kitties needing urgent vet care.

Finally, leaving a cat alone for 3 days or more is clearly not advisable. Cats can become stressed or lonely during extended periods of solitude. Companionship, play time, and proper care are critical for their well-being. That’s why at Meowtel, we recommend that you find a cat sitter who will be able to check on your cat on a daily basis and make sure that everything is going well, bringing you some peace of mind during your travels. Some cats may require more frequent attention and interaction, while others may be more independent and adaptable. It's essential to assess your cat's individual temperament/needs and plan accordingly.

How much does cat sitting cost? How much should I pay my cat sitter?

The cost of cat sitting can vary based on your location, the type of visits you are looking for (i.e. drop-in visit in your home, overnight stays in your home, etc.) and the booking duration. As of May 2023, on average a 20 minute drop-in cat sitting visit costs about $25. This amount helps cover: the time the cat sitter will take to come to your home, 20 minutes of playtime, feeding, litter box clean-up, and a detailed update with some adorable cat pictures.

Meowtel understands that every cat and cat parent is unique, which is why we showcase sitters with various pricing options to accommodate different budgets. Whether you need occasional visits or extended care, Meowtel provides cat sitting services tailored to your specific needs.

Will my cat be comfortable with a cat sitter?

It's natural to have concerns about your cat's comfort when leaving them with a cat sitter. However, you can put your mind at ease knowing that Meowtel's cat sitters are passionate and true cat lovers themselves. They are experienced in creating a nurturing environment for cats, ensuring they receive the attention, care, and love they deserve. Meowtel cat sitters go the extra mile to establish a bond with your feline companion, ensuring their comfort and well-being throughout your absence. We also encourage you to organize an in-person “Meet and Greet” after you reserve your cat sitter, to meet in person and make sure your sitter is the right fit for your kitty.

The trustworthiness of the cat sitters we list is a top priority to us. We understand that entrusting someone with your furry family member is a big decision. That's why all cat sitters on the platform undergo a thorough vetting and screening process. Meowtel conducts a full background and reference check to ensure that you can trust them with your beloved cat. Additionally, Meowtel encourages cat owners to leave reviews and ratings, providing valuable feedback and helping you make an informed choice.

Will my cat be OK while I’m away?

Cats are known for their strong bonds with their owners, and their emotional well-being should be considered when you're away. Providing companionship and affection is really critical for a cat sitter to make sure your kitty is comfortable. A good cat sitter should engage with your cat, play with them, and provide ample attention to ensure that your feline friend feels loved and secure in your absence. Most kitties do perfectly well while their parents are away, as long as they are provided with good care and proper attention!

Should I board my cats or opt for in-home cat sitting?

While boarding facilities can provide care, they often involve a change in environment that can cause stress for your cats. Many cat parents have shared with us their boarding facility horror stories, and boarding often costs more than in-home cat sitting.

In-home cat sitting, offered by Meowtel, allows your cat to stay in their familiar surroundings, minimizing anxiety and ensuring a comfortable experience. Meowtel cat sitters provide dedicated care, keeping your cat's routine intact and providing them with individualized attention. If you are looking for someone who will spend more time with your kitty, you can also opt for “overnight visits”, offered by most Meowtel sitters.

Is there anything I need to prepare for my cat sitter?

Cat parents often ask us for tips to make their cat sitting reservation as smooth as possible. Here are our top 8 tips:

  1. Once you have booked your Meowtel cat sitter, arrange a meet and greet session before the scheduled visits to allow your cat to become familiar with the sitter's presence, scent, and voice. This helps establish a positive association and reduce any initial anxiety. This is also your chance to exchange a key to your home and give your sitter important instructions for their visits.
  2. Share your cat's routine and preferences. Provide detailed information about your cat's feeding schedule, favorite toys, hiding spots, and any specific habits or preferences. This helps the cat sitter understand your cat's routine and ensure a smooth reservation.
  3. Provide clear instructions. Give explicit instructions on how much food to provide, any dietary restrictions, and the location of the litter box. Clear instructions help the cat sitter maintain your cat's regular routine and ensure their well-being.
  4. Leave emergency contact information. Provide the cat sitter with your contact details and an alternate emergency contact in case they need to reach you during your absence. This ensures prompt communication in case of any unexpected situations.
  5. Put necessary supplies in an easily accessible spot. Ensure that the cat sitter has easy access to all essential supplies, including food, water, litter, litter scooper, toys, and any necessary medications. This makes it convenient for the sitter to care for your cat efficiently.
  6. Maintain a clean and safe home environment. Make sure that your home is tidy and free of any hazards that could pose a risk to your cat's safety. Remove toxic plants, secure any loose wires, and store cleaning supplies or chemicals out of reach.
  7. Communicate any behavioral quirks. Inform the cat sitter about any behavioral quirks or specific instructions related to your cat's temperament. For example, if your cat is easily startled by loud noises or dislikes being picked up, let the sitter know to avoid any potential stress triggers.
  8. Leave a comforting item. Leave a familiar blanket or an unwashed piece of clothing with your scent on it for your cat to have a comforting reminder of you while you're away. This can help reduce separation anxiety and provide a sense of security.

By following these tips, you can help ensure a smooth and stress-free experience for both your cat and the cat sitter during their visits.

Can my Cat Sitter water my plant or bring in my mail?

Meowtel cat sitters primarily focus on providing dedicated care for your beloved feline companion. While their main responsibility is caring for your cat's well-being, some cat sitters may be willing to offer additional services (at no cost) upon request, such as watering plants or bringing in mail. It's recommended to discuss these specific needs with your chosen cat sitter beforehand to ensure they can accommodate your requirements.

What if my cat has special dietary needs or requires medication?

If your cat has special dietary needs or requires medication, it's important to communicate these requirements to your chosen cat sitter. Cats have unique needs and many cat sitters are experienced in administering medication or following specific dietary instructions.

Be sure to provide clear instructions, labeled medications, and any necessary supplies to ensure your cat receives the proper care and attention during your absence. Discussing your cat's specific needs with the cat sitter in advance will help ensure a smooth and successful caregiving experience.

Will my cat remember my cat sitter from one visit to the next?

Cats have a remarkable ability to remember people and experiences. When you book a cat sitter through Meowtel, your cat can build a bond with their dedicated sitter. Over time, your cat will become familiar with the sitter's presence, voice, and scent. This familiarity can provide comfort and reassurance during future visits, as your cat remembers the positive interactions and care received from Meowtel cat sitters.

That said, it is fairly common for our cat parents to work with multiple nearby sitters. This increases the likelihood that your sitter will be available during holidays or if you have an unexpected trip. Your kitty will then have multiple paw-some sitters (and probably a favorite one, too!).


When it comes to finding a reliable cat sitter, Meowtel is the go-to marketplace for cat parents. We connect you with trustworthy and experienced cat sitters who understand the unique needs of your feline companion. From finding a cat sitter near you to ensuring your cat's comfort and well-being, Meowtel offers a convenient and reliable solution. By opting for a cat sitter from Meowtel, you can provide your cat with personalized care in the comfort of their own home. Whether you're going on a short trip or an extended vacation, Meowtel cat sitters offer flexible services that cater to your cat's specific requirements.

We know that your cat's happiness and well-being are of utmost importance. With Meowtel, you can ensure that they receive the best care possible from dedicated cat sitters who genuinely love and understand cats.

If you're searching for a trusted cat sitting service, look no further than Meowtel - the #1 cat sitting app. We're here to help connect you with the purrfect sitter so that every cat and cat parent can live their best life.

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