How Many Hours a Day Do Cats Sleep?

How Many Hours a Day Do Cats Sleep?

The phrase “cat nap” earned the nickname for a reason—cat owners know our kitty friends are constantly catching up on their z's. But how much sleep is too much? And what about a cat’s life needs that much snoozing? Let’s dive into feline sleeping habits to learn more.

Is It Normal for a Cat to Sleep All Day?

It might seem like you’ve got a lazy little fur baby napping on your windowsill all day, but cats are naturally “crepuscular.” This means their sleep patterns make them most active at dawn and dusk. It makes sense for them to rest during the day when they’re running laps around your house in the early morning. You might have noticed that your cat’s behavior gets spooky after dinner, with running sprints, fur puffed out, and eyes huge. Don’t worry—it’s not ghosts. They’re just hunting dust bunnies and flexing their predator skills. 

How Long Does a Cat Sleep on Average?

Cats sleep for 12 to 16 hours on average, but they don’t do it for long periods like humans. They do it by dozing in catnaps. Catnaps allow your cat to rest without falling into a deep sleep, snoozing for just 20 minutes at a time. This way, they can still respond to any potential threats or alerts without being caught unaware. Domestic cats don’t need to be as alert as wild cats or their feral family members, but their sleep cycle is programmed in their DNA.

A cat’s age also impacts the amount of sleep they get each day. Kittens and senior cats sleep way more than their teen and adult counterparts. Kittens are growing and digesting, letting their bones and muscles do their work while they rest. Senior cats slow down naturally with age as their joints and bones get a little more achy. You might notice these changes with your feline friend over time, but they’re nothing to worry about. 

Why Do Cats Sleep So Much?

Cat activity takes a lot of energy. Think about all the times you’ve seen your cat run around the house, leap over furniture, and twirl on their back to catch a feather wand toy. All of that grace and athleticism doesn’t come from thin air. A cat’s sleep habits help them store that energy so they’re ready to pounce with a moment’s notice. 

Some cats will also catch some extra z's if they’re anxious or bored—just like humans. If you notice your kitty sleeping more than usual, make sure they have plenty to do throughout the day by giving them cat trees, a good view out the window, and maybe even turning on cat TV. If you have an indoor cat, think about letting them out onto a cat patio or “catio,” so they can pretend they aren’t a house cat.

How Much Sleep Do Cats Need a Day?

Just like humans, a cat’s sleep needs will vary based on their individual lifestyle, habits, and health. Older cats will sleep more because their bodies have aged to a point where they need even more energy for daily life. Kittens sleep more because their bodies need the rest to grow big and strong. Adult cats without health issues will sleep a regular average in bursts—up to an hour at a time for a total of about 15 hours a day—but this will also depend on the weather, their regular playtime, and if they’re recovering from an injury or illness. 

Do Cats Sleep More Than Dogs?

Cats do sleep more than dogs, but only by a few hours. Where dogs will get about 12 hours a day, cats will get anywhere from 12 to 20 hours of sleep a day. Cats will also actually nap where many dogs spend long periods “loafing,” or resting while still awake and alert. 

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