Meowtel Cat Sitters Deliver that Purrfect Hospitality

Meowtel Cat Sitters Deliver that Purrfect Hospitality

I am a helicopter cat parent. However, in my defense, I have a kitty who loves to get into everything and really puts that whole nine lives myth to the test. So, when I had to leave him for the first time, you can bet I was anxious. Who was going to be there when he inevitably got stuck on the top shelf of the kitchen cabinet? What if he decided to eat the furniture this time and not just lick it? What if he actually broke through the bedroom window to go after the cat that bullies him from outside?

Based on this small glimpse into our lives, you can see why I’m an anxious helicopter cat mama. And that’s why I turned to Meowtel, the #1 cat sitting platform for in-home cat care. Honestly, my Meowtel cat sitter was the reason I didn’t have anxiety attacks every 5 minutes while I was away. She went above and beyond to reassure me of his safety and well-being. When she visited, she would FaceTime me so I could see him in real time (even though I have pet cams galore). She followed all my feeding and playtime requests to a ‘T’ because Fitz is finicky and likes things a certain way. She also sent me videos to showcase his quirky responses. But most importantly, she spoke with care and understanding to my crazy cat lady heart.

I got to thinking, “How did I get so lucky to find my cat sitter on the first try?” Well, it comes down to the quality of sitters Meowtel brings onto the platform. I truly believe that any sitter in my area could have been my sitter right away since Meowtel is that thorough and attentive in the sitter selection process. The Meowtel Customer Success team finds sitters that represent the core of what Meowtel stands for, which is helping every cat and cat parent live their best life.

It’s rare to find a company that delivers on its mission and does so with total purrfessionalism and cat puns to boot. When one finds that, one knows they’ve found something specifically made for cat people by cat people.

Why Meowtel Cat Sitters Make Meowtel, Meowtel:

Meowtel sitters are the cat’s meow, the cat’s pajamas, the cat’s cradle... well, really anything and everything cat related. Seriously, Meowtel has sitters from coast to coast, and it’s reach keeps on growing. That means something meow-gical is going on in the cat community. There is a demand for giving purrfect and loving care to our feline friends and a need to debunk the “cats are fine on their own for days” myth. Meowtel is doing that one sitter and one reservation at a time.

Meowtel constantly hears how exceptional their sitters are. Check out the Trustpilot reviews yourself. Most are little love notes to sitters for their exceptional sitting abilities. You’ll see words like “wonderful”, “caring”, “above and beyond”, and “trustworthy.” Why? Because cat people get other cat people. It’s that simple.

Why should I trust my sitter?

You can trust your sitter because Meowtel trusts your sitter. As a company, they are highly selective in the onboarding process and have created and refined a 5-step vetting process to ensure they only accept ameowzing people who love cats. In fact, less than 10% of sitter applicants pass the screening and selection process.

The process consists of:

  • A pre-screen questionnaire
  • An application
  • A resume check
  • A background check covering criminal and traffic offenses in local, state, and federal jurisdictions
  • 2-3 reference checks
  • A 15-minute video coaching call with a Meowtel sitting specialist

Meet & Greet: A Chance to Meet your Sitter

A feature which Meowtel prides themselves on is the complimentary Meet & Greet. This 15-30 minute meeting with your sitter helps everyone (human and feline alike) get acquainted with each other. This is a big step in knowing your sitter will be the purrfect fit. Plus, it establishes trust between both parties before the reservation takes place. A win-win for sure.

Trust in your sitter = a better experience while you are away. After my Meet & Greet, I knew that Fitz wouldn’t be breaking any windows or eating the furniture on my sitter’s watch.

Meowtel Cat Sitters at a Glance:

Meowtel Cat Sitters Deliver that Purrfect Hospitality

Sitters at a glance

With so many pet sitting options out there nowadays, it’s hard to know who to trust or what is best. With Meowtel, you’ll know that your sitter is a vetted, trusted, bonafide cat lover who isn’t just dressed up as one on that other app. Need help finding your sitter? Do a quick search meow!

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