The 10 Most Common Cat Diseases

The 10 Most Common Cat Diseases

When you get a cat, or if you are an owner, no one generally talks about their cats getting sick. There is a good reason for that because cats are very healthy creatures, and for the most part, they are low maintenance. Sure, they need regular vet visits, just like any other pet, and you’ll have to keep them fed and watered, but other than that, they don’t need very much.

However, cats are naturally curious, and that means they like to explore places, get into things and even hang out with other feline friends. That means they can be susceptible to several different maladies in life, and the infographic below 10 Most Common Cat Diseases discusses all of them. Of course, no one wants to really think their 4 legged purr face could become ill, but over the course of a lifetime, the chances are that some type of illness is going to afflict them. To that end, the best thing for you to do is to be ready, learn about the most common ones, and gain knowledge.

The 10 Most Common Cat Diseases

Knowing What to Do

If your kitty does become ill, knowing what to do and how to react can give you a heads-up on what to expect and how to deal with it. The 10 Most Common Cat Diseases features expert advice on symptoms, treatments, and costs. As an example, for urinary tract disease, which is one of the most common cat problems, symptoms include frequent painful urination and licking the urinary opening, to name a couple. Treatment might be medication, lifestyle and/or dietary changes. You’ll even find approximate costs for veterinary services, and in this case, expect a bill that may be in the low hundreds up to about one-thousand dollars.

That’s just the beginning, because other diseases such as rabies, feline leukemia, upper respiratory infections, and chronic kidney disease, among others, are all documented in the same way. That type of expert advice can go a long way into making a correct and informed decision about the treatments available for your cat.

It’s All Up To You

Your cats well being rests entirely in your hands. For them to remain in good health, learning and gaining knowledge is the key to making sound decisions regarding your pets vigor. Remember, it’s all up to you for the happy and healthy life of your kitty.

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