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Cat Sitter Profile 101: Writing a Professional, Engaging, and Unique Sitter Introduction

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Melanie Deisz

Melanie Deisz

Last updated: January 09, 2020
Cat Sitter Profile 101: Writing a Professional, Engaging, and Unique Sitter Introduction
Photo by Ruca Souza via Pexels

As a Cat sitter, your Meowtel Sitter landing page is what attracts potential clientele to your cat sitting services. Not only does your profile photo play a major role, but what you write does as well.

A common theme in power sitters across the country is thoroughness. What does that mean exactly? It means these sitters have paragraphs rather than a few lines in their bio. They explain what services they provide and what types of special needs they can accommodate. With that said, don’t write a novel. People have short attention spans and want to get to the point quickly, but they also want vital information.

Are you only available before a certain time and after a certain time? Note that. Clients would rather see that up front than lose time going back and forth. Can you administer subcutaneous fluids or insulin shots? Mark it on your profile under Medication Experience and also note it in your profile as people don’t always get to the end of the profile page. In addition to all that, it’s a good idea to put content in your profile that makes you personable and relatable. Perhaps a quick anecdote about your cat, your favorite client or even a joke. Your skill set is what draws people to your profile but your relatability is what clinches it.

Read these exemplary profiles, and then take a look at the what makes them stand out:

1. Annabelle


2. Sabrina


3. Amy


4. Alissa


So, now that you’ve read these exceptional profiles, what are ways to make your profile introduction stand out and showcase your top-notch sitter superpowers?

  • Add personal touches
    • Annabelle added her Instagram handle to her profile.
    • Amy shows she is responsible by mentioning she was a single mother. It also gives you a window into her life and allows you to connect with her.
  • Note what areas you cover and your service radius
    • Alissa does a great job asking clients to message her to double check that they’re within her service radius.
  • Showcase your experience with cats
    • Annabelle mentions her volunteer experience and lets parents know she’s been around many different types of cat personalities. Other sitters give information about their medication experience.
    • Amy mentions that she is a District Leader for the Humane Society and that she aids in fostering, pulling from shelters, and does Trap, Neuter and Release (TNR). She also mentions that she knows rescue medicine and has bottle fed kittens.
  • Be upfront about other commitments
    • Sabrina explains what she does as her day job and how it gets demanding. She also says that her husband sometimes does jobs with her and is a Meowtel sitter himself.
    • Alissa is upfront about the hours she’s available.
  • If you have cats, write about them
    • Sabrina mentions her cats Plop & Ploppy.
    • Alissa mentions she has two rescue cats who are her entire world.
    • Annabelle mentions her boy, Murray.
  • Outline what your visits entail
    • Sabrina breaks down what happens at her visits.
  • An attention-grabbing anecdote about your love of cats
    • Sabrina throws in an interesting tidbit about teaching cats French.
    • Amy tells you that she knows not all cats are alike and that she’s willing to do whatever your cat needs her to do.
    • Alissa makes a relatable joke about “forcing others to look at cat photos.” (I think we all do that 😹).
  • Formatting is important
    • Use bullet points to highlight the important information right off the bat. This can help direct customers to information they are looking for right away.
    • Breaking up your profile into sections also helps customers find what they are looking for.

As you can see, there is more than one common denominator in these power sitter profiles. Use these as a jumping off points to fine tune your own Sitter Profile. Don’t copy and paste these exact ideas. Find your unique style, and always be truthful in what services you can provide. Being honest is one of the most important things you can do! If you think you have what it takes to become a Meowtel sitter, apply today!


Melanie Deisz

Melanie Deisz

Los Angeles Meowtel sitter and Cat mom to Maxwell Wellington

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