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Cat Sitter Profile Picture 101

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Melanie Deisz

Melanie Deisz

Last updated: September 28, 2019
Cat Sitter Profile Picture 101

I know your sweet new Ray Bans are on fleek and your facial profile is magical, but the first thing that draws a purrent in is your profile picture—so it needs immediate appeal. You can have all the experience in the world, and it won’t change the fact that first impressions are everything.

Would you walk into a job interview with flip flops on, earbuds in, and sunglasses on? Not unless you’re interviewing to be a rockstar (and that’s not a thing). Think of this as a job interview. Your face is going to let the purrent know that you’re trustworthy.

You may be thinking, “How can a single photo tell them I’m trustworthy?”

It’s about the eyes. People need to be able to see your eyes. Would you swipe right on someone who was wearing sunglasses in every photo? No (at least I hope not), because you don’t get a true feeling of who they are.

Don’t use props in your photos. The best way to set up your profile is to have a photo of just you, smiling, with your eyes focused on the camera. If you have a cat in your profile picture, that’s fine but make sure that you are the focus and we can see your face.

Awful profile photos:

Sure, the first two could get some killer likes on the ‘gram, the third shows you’re fun and like to drink (keep it for your Tinder profile), and the fourth and fifth show you’re deep (keep them for your emo Tumblr accounts). But that’s not what we’re going for.

Here are a few examples of some purrfect profile photos:

These photos are purrfect because they are inviting. Both photos have the sitters looking directly into the camera and smiling. I feel like they’re both saying, “I love cats and will take wonderful care of your baby while you are away!” Meanwhile, the girl in my series of photos above looks like she’s more focused on “rosé all day” on a “Sunday Funday.” There’s nothing wrong with some rosé, nor a Sunday Funday, but that’s for you and your personal life.

As for background photos, don’t put just another photo of yourself. That’s silly. Your background photo should show cats; whether it’s you interacting with a cat or just a photo of some cats, make sure it’s cat-related! Here are some purrfect background photos:

Remember, this is a job. Keep it professional. It’s also aimed at cat parents, so you want to show yourself to be a nice person who loves felines. Now start snapping.

If you haven’t yet applied to be a Meowtel sitter, take a look at what it takes and what it involves—it could be your next big thing!


Melanie Deisz

Melanie Deisz

Los Angeles Meowtel sitter and Cat mom to Maxwell Wellington

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