How to Be the Best First-Time Cat Owner

How to Be the Best First-Time Cat Owner

Becoming a new cat owner doesn’t have to be hard. When you add a new furry member to your household, everyone wants things to go smoothly. It benefits you, and it benefits your new pet. With these tips, you and your new feline friend will enjoy a smooth and easy experience.

Before You’re a Cat Owner

Becoming a cat owner is a substantial commitment. While many people believe cats are “easier” to own than dogs, this isn’t necessarily so. As Fox News explains, while cats may seem very independent, they actually rely on you for companionship. They need you to meet their needs like feeding, watering, and changing the litter box. They require routine veterinary care. If you travel, even for a few days, you’ll need to hire a cat sitter like someone from Meowtel, to ensure they are getting the love and attention they need. Cats often live long lives, so this is not a short-term commitment. Making wise choices and good preparations will be your keys to success.

Prepare Your Home

Before becoming a cat owner, you should look carefully at your home and make any necessary changes. Sometimes new cat owners don’t realize how agile cats are. Cats can climb on countertops, bookcases, and even tops of doors. They like to hide, especially for their first few days and whenever their routine is upset, and they can squeeze into surprisingly small spaces like behind your washing machine. If you own breakable belongings, you may want to reevaluate where they are displayed. Keep in mind cats can reach high and small spaces.

Purchase Equipment

There are a handful of things your cat will need in order to be comfortable, so Best Friends suggests investing in some basic cat care items before you become a cat owner. Purchase bowls for food and water, a collar, an identification tag with your contact information, treats, toys, a bed, and a cat litter box and litter. Also, purchase a scratching post for your cat because they need to keep their claws neat and clean. Ideally, you will find out what kind of food and litter your feline is accustomed to, which will help ease the transition. You’ll want to invest in a high-quality cat food if your cat is not eating one now, and make the transition to the new food gradually.

Find the Right Cat

Choosing a cat may seem simple; maybe you’ve always loved calicos, or maybe it’s that Persian face you fancy. However it’s important to choose a cat that will fit in well with your lifestyle. Some cats are very playful, some love to lounge, and some are more standoffish than others. A kitten will require more work than an older cat. By choosing a cat that matches how you live, both you and the cat will be more comfortable with the commitment. Purina offers an online cat breed selection tool to help you narrow down the kind of cat that’s right for you. You can also check out local shelters to meet lots of cats before you bring one home.

Introducing Your Cat

When you bring home your new cat, you’ll want to confine him or her to a somewhat small area for a while. Allow for a period of transition until they are comfortable and you’re sure they are using the litter box properly. This will help avoid accidents and accompanying odors. If the kitties happen to make a mess on the carpet, don’t fret: you can always make homemade carpet cleaning shampoos. Keep the litter box clean. Cats are clean by nature and will be more inclined to reward your diligence by using the litter box appropriately. It will also help keep your house smelling nice. Give your new furry family member a little time to get accustomed to you, your home, and your routine. Cats can take time to adjust to new surroundings, and adult cats can be a little slower to come out of their shells, so be patient. In time your new pet’s personality will shine through.

Enjoy Your New Feline Friend

As a new cat owner, laying a solid foundation will lead to a smooth introduction for both you and your cat. Make appropriate preparations, purchase equipment, and find a cat that fits your lifestyle. With a few thoughtful strategies, bringing home your furry family member will be a breeze!

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